Airis Janus Mod

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The Airis Janus Mod is an innovative 2 in 1 device designed for use with both 510 style cartridges and pod atomizers.  Users can choose to use a 510, attached to the bottom of the mod, or a pod style, attached to the top of the mod.  It features a 650 MaH battery with a micro USB charger, and is easily controlled  using a single button and an LED power indidcator that lets you know what voltage your device is using, (Green=3.4V, Blue=3.7V, & Red=4.2V).  It is also equipped with a cutting-edgy preheat mode to make working with thicker concentrates or clogged cartridges an easier experience.  When the occasion call for it, just double click the power button and the Janus will use a low output to warm the cartridge for up to 15 seconds while displaying a multi-color changing LED light.

NOTE: The Airis Janus will only fire while it has ONE atomizer connected.