Air Plus Kit

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The Suorin Air Plus Kit is an updated version of the previous Suorin Air Kit.  Powered by a 930MaH battery, with a maximum wattage output of 25W while maintain the "auto-draw" feature,  it is a steady and solid vaping experience.  The battery can be fully charged in less than an hour using the USB C type charging port on the bottom of the device.  Replacement pods are available in 0.7ohm, for use with free-base nicotine, or 1.0ohm, for use with Salt nicotine, to meet your vaping needs, and each pod holds 3.5ml of e-liquid.  Along one side of the device is a line of battery indicator lights, with 5 lights meaning 80% or higher charge, 4 lights meaning 60-80% , 3 lights meaning 40-60%, 2 light meaning 20-40%, and 1 light meaning 20% or less battery life remaining.